The Original Playa


The Original Playa

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You've been #babybeardgang for a minute. Might be time for your come up

It’s my time!


420 is so close I can almost taste all the bad jokes I’ll have to weed through

Goddamn it Mobile app I never want to reblog anything as a link


The end of a post where someone has pointed out why the OP is a dumb fuck is a vital part of a reblog, otherwise niggas think you’re just out here supporting nonsense


This is my sister, Marilyn Marie Fenwick. She is MISSING in South Korea.

I don’t know all the details of the circumstances of her disappearance, but I’ll give you everything I do know. First some physical description.

She is 24 years old. She occasionally presents herself as male. She is approximately 5’2” or around 160cm tall. She weighs under 100 pounds and has a very slim build. She is flat chested but sometimes wears push up bras. Her skin is a light olive tone. She has colored black hair of uneven length and she also wears extensions occasionally. Her eyes are hazel but she sometimes wears colored circle lenses. She is from Amarillo, Texas, but she may also say she’s from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She is very skinny and unlikely to be able to defend herself. The photos above show what she looked like the day she left the US.

Now for some details on her disappearance.

On April 15th, 2014, she left the Rick Husband Airport in Amarillo, Texas. She had one stop in Houston and a layover in San Francisco from where her plane departed for Seoul, South Korea around 10-11am PST. THIS IS THE LAST TIME ANYONE HEARD FROM HER. She went to visit a friend or boyfriend in Pohang, South Korea. His name is Jin and he allegedly works in construction and does cosmetics on the side. The US embassy informed us that cosmetics are a common ploy for human trafficking in South Korea.. We are assuming she made it to Seoul because she last texted me right before take off but we have no idea if she made it to Pohang or not. The US Embassy has been contacted and I believe the FBI may be getting involved. There is reasonable cause for concern that she is in danger as she has made no attempts to contact anyone.

The following is contact information Marilyn sent us about Jin. We attempted to call the phone number but a female voiced answer machine was all we could reach. If you know anything about this phone number or address, please contact the authorities and tell me if at all possible. I will relay any information to my father and he will send it through the necessary channels.

Elysian 307, Cheolgang-ro 713-12, ocheon-eup, nam-bu, pohang-si, gyeongsangbuk-do, south korea.


Marilyn has a twitter account which she was supposed to use to contact us but she has not used it since jokingly replying to me when she created it. The account is @explodingwolves she also has a phone number +14692697692 but she disconnected before leaving because it was a US locked phone.

Please help get the information out. Reblog, cross post, translate, tell your cat, ANYTHING to get the word out. She and I have our differences, but I want her to be safe. We’ve even gotten our estranged mother involved because in the end, none of our differences matter. Again, let me or the authorities know if you have any information. I appreciate your time.



And yet the guy in blue stripes is ready to fight with no fear in his eyes


"Conceal don’t feel"


i’m a simple man i enjoy the little things in life like fresh hair cut shawty sleepin with no panties on and she got one leg over me and fresh hot fries


shoutout to keeping deep ass relationship details and issues within the relationship


For those who find “new Black” appealing but lack the necessary funds to buy into it, try refurbished Black. The refurbished Black, too, “dreams and realizes that it’s not a pigmentation; it’s a mentality,” but does so while being stopped and frisked coming home from work rather than lounging in a private villa on St. Barths. What’s important is that the quality of those dreams and realizations are identical. Refurbished Black.


Some iconic moments seen and not seen from the Original Trilogy, art by Crhis Trevas (http://www.christrevas.com)


Give your Blog a little bit of transparent joey.


Give your Blog a little bit of transparent joey.


Architect ya LiFESTYLE


Architect ya LiFESTYLE